About Us

Szakály 2000 Ltd started out as a family enterprise in 1995. At the time, we served our clients from a home store. Not much later we bought ourselves an old site, which due to our dynamic expansion we managed to extend with the purchase of a warehouse. This provided us with around 1000 m2 of storage area.

All along our physical growth we also extended our product list, so that besides the wide range of our initial wire and wiremesh products we started to offer wheelbarrows, game and rodent nets, and a complete selection of nail products. In 2004 the company decided to build its own, modern warehouse which would satisfy all our needs. The decision was followed by acts, so by 2005 our brand new building was ready in one of the rapidly developing industrial area of Debrecen. This imposing, nice environment is where we welcome and serve our clients, offering our old and new products, with our well known high quality, low price, fast service that our customers earlier got used to.

Our primary aim for the future is to provide a reliable commercial service to our existing and new customers.